About Crayon

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Crayon focuses on advising enterprises with complex IT needs. The company has approximately 570 employees. Its head office is in Oslo, with branches in Trondheim, Stavanger, Stockholm, Örebro, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Leipzig, München, Dubai and Paris.

Licensing provides licence advice to optimise commercial and legal terms in standard software contracts which ensure control, flexibility and cost savings for enterprises.

Consulting provides IT consulting services for major enterprises. Technological knowledge combined with wide experience of selected sectors, solutions and project execution mean the consultancy business is well positioned in a developing market.


Crayon has become one of the leading volume licence partners for a range of software manufacturers. It offers licences from Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Symantec, Citrix, VMware, Oracle and others. The emphasis is accordingly on standard software which customers use consistently year after year, and which play a key role in their technological platforms and critical commercial processes.

Big enterprises, complex challenges

Crayon has a broad-based customer portfolio spanning both public and private sectors. Large and medium-sized enterprises with complex software usage and portfolios benefit greatly from its licence advice. The company also advises hosting players on licensing for their customers, and has long experience in software licensing for the educational sector.

Certified by software manufactures

Crayon is a specialist in optimising contractual terms and conditions and licence procurement for high-volume customers, and thereby in handling the administrative functions entailed by the contracts. It has been certified by the various software manufacturers to deal with the regulations which apply for the various producers.

Market-leading tool for SAM

Software asset management (SAM) is a key concern in the licensing area. With the leading tool on the market for licence administration, plus a high level of expertise and extensive experience, Inmeta helps companies to establish full control and coherence between user rights and patterns of use. The company protects assets acquired by the organisation, and ensures the best possible starting point for further procurement so that enterprises can cut costs over time.


Crayon has about 350 consultants. Long and good customer relations give it a unique opportunity to advise large, trend-setting enterprises in both public and private sectors.

Long experience and veteran staff

Crayon has solid and extensive experience in its delivery fields, and builds and implements sound IT solutions which support business operations. Its consultants are veterans in the area, with high levels of education and a number of years of experience in implementing major IT projects. Top-level expertise is the company’s most important product.

Flexible delivery models

Crayon has flexible delivery models tailored to customer wishes and needs. It provides specialist consultants on an individual basis or in teams, and also undertakes turnkey deliveries. Long-term customer relations require the company to play a number of roles, and to be able to take responsibility for projects and expertise within a complex overall picture.

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