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The IBM SPSS academic “New Deal” is a program based on market feedback that provides academic institutions with the flexibility to choose the analytic software products that meet their specific need regarding pricing, licensing, style of use and packaging. It is designed to address the changing needs of software use within the academic community, whether these are for teaching, learning or research.

For more than 40 years, IBM SPSS technology has supported the data analysis needs of faculty and students at academic institutions worldwide. IBM SPSS academic customers include:
• 80 percent of all U.S. colleges and universities
• All Ivy League schools
• All 25 of Forbes 2009 America’s Top Best Colleges
• 97 percent of Forbes 2009 America’s 100 Best Public Colleges
• 95 percent of Forbes 2009 America’s 100 Best Private Colleges
• 9 out of the Top 10 Online Colleges
As technology changes the way we live our lives, it also impacts how educators will teach courses, how students will learn and how tomorrow’s graduates will excel, while meeting the ever-changing demands of global industry.
IBM SPSS software is uniquely positioned to lead in the field of predictive analytics. IBM SPSS products and solutions are designed with the needs of the future in mind and include industry-leading products for data collection, statistics, and data and text mining. The complete portfolio of products empowers tomorrow’s decision-makers with the insight and confidence they need to make the right choices
about their businesses.

Academic New Deal program:
The New Deal allows universities the ability to mix and match requirements including product mix and extended use (home, hospital and virtual computer lab). In addition, all of the traditional licensing and product options remain available to complement the unique requirements of each customer.

What if you could have the entire campus on the same licensing plan?
The Campus Edition licensing plan allows a university to provide unlimited access to authorized users. Institutions do not need to assign named user licenses, track concurrent usage or worry about which user will be locked out next. This licensing plan provides institutions with greater flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of students and faculty. The Campus Edition is available for the IBM® SPSS® Statistics, IBM® SPSS® Modeler and IBM® SPSS® Data Collection families as well as our most popular product bundles. In addition, schools that require platform flexibility can choose Windows®-, Mac®-, and Linux®- based products, where available.

What if you only had to pay for the options you needed?
Three new contract riders provide institutions mix-and-match flexibility regarding their application and distribution of technology based on their unique requirements. The riders are the perfect complement to the Campus license, with applicability to many of the traditional license types as well. The following optional riders are currently available:
• Home Use Rider – allows students and faculty to access IBM SPSS software at home or at off-campus locations. They benefit from the full complement of modules utilized by the university whether they are in the coffee shop, on the road or simply in the comfort of their dorm room or apartment
• Hospital Rider – enables authorized users in university-owned hospitals and medical facilities to have access to applicable licensed software for teaching and non-commercial research purposes
• Virtual Computer Lab Rider – allows a college or university to host software in a virtualized environment and make it available to students or faculty, on or off campus, in according with the institution’s current licensing agreement

What if you had all the software pieces you needed in an easy packaged offering?
As part of the New Deal, you can choose from a number of new bundles that will save you time and money. Designed to deliver the most requested products, and priced to place the entire product portfolio within reach, New Deal bundles are a perfect way to meet the demands of every department.

• IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base is the core product of the Statistics family, and provides foundational techniques for many common types of analysis
• IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard includes: IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM® SPSS® Advanced Statistics and IBM® SPSS® Regression
• IBM® SPSS® Statistics Premium includes the products in IBM SPSS Statistics Standard plus IBM® SPSS® Custom Tables, IBM® SPSS® Data Preparation, IBM® SPSS® Missing Values, IBM® SPSS®
Forecasting, IBM® SPSS® Decision Trees, IBM® SPSS® Direct Marketing, IBM® SPSS® Complex Samples, IBM® SPSS® Conjoint, IBM® SPSS® Neural Networks, IBM® SPSS® Bootstrapping, IBM® SPSS® Categories, IBM® SPSS® Exact Tests, IBM® SPSS® Visualization Designer and IBM® SPSS® SamplePower®
• IBM® SPSS® Modeler Premium includes complete data mining functionality (Classification, Segmentation and Association algorithms) plus a powerful text analytics workbench
• IBM® SPSS® Data Entry Premium includes IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Author, IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Interviewer and IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys Our new bundle options align perfectly with the updated IBM® SPSS® GradPack offering, enabling students to purchase the same products the university has elected to use. This includes the option of adding IBM® SPSS® Amos™ for those interested in teaching or using structural equation modeling.

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