IBM SPSS Statistics 25.0 Features

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SPSS Statistics is loaded with powerful analytic techniques and time-saving features to help you quickly and easily find new insights in your data, so you can make more accurate predictions and achieve better outcomes for your organization.

Whats new in SPSS Statistics 25

Here’s what you can do with the new features in version 25 and the next subscription update:
These features are now available in SPSS Statistics 25 and Subscription. In addition, the SPSS Statistics Subscription trial has been updated. Check out the IBM Marketplace for trial and purchase information.

  • Execute new Bayesian statistics functions including regression, ANOVA, and t-tests.
    Bayesian statistics is becoming very popular, because it circumvents a lot of the misunderstandings brought by standard statistics. Instead of using a p-value to reject or fail to reject a null hypothesis, Bayesian places an uncertainty on parameters and captures all relevant information from observed data. Our approach to Bayesian statistics is unique because our Bayesian procedures are as easy to run as our standard statistical tests. In just a few clicks you can run Linear Regression, ANOVA, One-Sample, Pair-Sample, Independent-Sample T-tests, Binomial Proportion Inference, Poisson Distribution Analysis, Pairwise Pearson Correlation, and Loglinear models to test the independence of two categorical variables. Bayesian Statistics are found in the Advanced Statistics module for Stats 25 and to Subscribers of the Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics add-on.
  • Quickly create attractive, modern charts and edit them in Microsoft Office.
    Building modern, attractive, and detailed charts has never been easier. Our chart builder has been updated with the ability to create publication quality charts in just a few clicks. Now you can specify chart colors, titles, and templates as you’re building the chart. And, our new default template ensures a great looking chart even without modifications. In addition, now if you wish, you can copy most charts as a Microsoft Graphic Object so you can edit titles, colors, styling, and even chart type right in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Charting in SPSS has never been this easy. All these charting features are found in the Base editions.
  • Extend your advanced statistical analysis with updates to MIXED, GENLINMIXED, GLM, and UNIANOVA.
    We’ve responded to customer feedback by adding the most requested enhancements to a few of our most popular advanced statistics functions. The Mixed Linear Models (MIXED) & Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GENLINMIXED) procedures now provide random effects solution results (EBLUPs) and continuous time spatial covariance structures. Also, the General Linear Model (GLM) and UNIANOVA procedures have been enhanced with new features including profile plots with error bars, bar/line charts, an option to include grand mean, and an option to force the chart to include 0 on Y axis. GLM and UNIANOVA also now include new tests for heteroskedasticity and model specification, robust standard errors, and modified versions of Levene’s test. Most of these functions are found in the Advanced Statistics module for Stats 25 and to Subscribers of the Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics add-on, although UNIANOVA is found in the Base editions.
  • Write, edit, and format syntax faster with Syntax Editor shortcuts.
    Here are a set of features for those users that are primarily syntax writers. We’ve added a bunch of features (and associated keyboard shortcuts) to make writing, formatting, and editing syntax easier. Now with a simple keyboard shortcut you can join lines, duplicate lines, delete lines, remove empty lines, move lines up or down, and trim leading or trailing spaces. In addition, we’re introducing a new column editing mode which allows you to edit multiple lines at once. A killer feature here is the ability to copy data from the data editor (or Microsoft Excel) and paste “down” across multiple lines. It’s a great feature – once you try it, you will no longer be able to go back to the earlier syntax editor. These syntax features are found in the Base editions.
  • Plus more.
    We have a new merge UI that simplifies merging options, a simplified toolbar with some convenient buttons added, the ability to open and save Stata v14 files, as well as the ability to copy and paste data from the data editor with variable names or labels.

New in SPSS Statistics 24

Here’s a look at the features and techniques you’ll find in SPSS Statistics 24. They’re designed to help you make data-driven decisions anytime, anywhere; build more accurate models, get analytical results faster and work faster and more productively.

Click to enlargeView interactive output on smart devices

Take your SPSS Statistics charts and tables wherever you go and make decisions anytime, anywhere. Now view output on the following platforms and devices without a dedicated SmartReader or other application:

You can also export your SPSS Statistics output as .mht (Cognos Active Report) files, which can be opened using the IBM Cognos Mobile app (available on iPad only).

Click to enlargeGenerate presentation-ready output quickly and easily

Click to enlargeImprove model building using Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation is enhanced to help you build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain, including:

Get better performance and scalability using SPSS Statistics Server

SPSS Statistics Server includes SQL pushback to help you make the best use of your existing IT infrastructure. Now you can perform data transformations without moving data into and out of the proprietary format, helping you conserve resources, deliver results faster and reduce overall IT costs. Other SPSS Statistics Server updates include:

Simplify custom programming

We’ve added features to make programming in SPSS Statistics easier than ever:

Do more work in less time

SPSS Statistics 24 includes productivity enhancements to help you work faster and more efficiently:

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