SPSS Statistics 25 and SPSS Modeler 18 has been released

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With each release of IBM SPSS Statistics, we’ve added a number of helpful features and enhancements. Take a look at what you’ve been missing. Then contact us to upgrade your existing software today.

Added in Version 25

Execute new Bayesian statistics functions including regression, ANOVA, and t-tests.
Quickly create attractive, modern charts and edit them in Microsoft Office.
Extend your advanced statistical analysis with updates to MIXED, GENLINMIXED, GLM, and UNIANOVA.
Write, edit, and format syntax faster with Syntax Editor shortcuts.
Plus more.
We have a new merge UI that simplifies merging options, a simplified toolbar with some convenient buttons added, the ability to open and save Stata v14 files, as well as the ability to copy and paste data from the data editor with variable names or labels.

Added in Version 24

  • SPSS Statistics ExtensionsIn SPSS Statistics V24, you get to experience a new way to access and work with open source and third-party programming extensions:
  • SPSS Statistics Extensions Hub is a new interface to manage extensions. It provides an online, store-like experience where you can:
    • Easily browse, download, and update free product extensions based on SPSS, Python, or R syntax
    • Easily find and download new extensions
    • Get updates to existing extensions
    • Remove installed extensions
    • View properties of your installed extensions
  • With SPSS Statistics Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions, it is now easier than ever to create and share extensions based on R/Python and SPSS Syntax for your customized needs. Now you will be able to:
    • Access new control options and new properties of existing controls
    • Choose new options for the menu location of a dialog


With SPSS Statistics V24, you get a new community for extensions and forums. You also get a new welcome screen with links to the community and license manager so that you can readily access blogs, articles, and how-to videos on the community. Other good news for all Python users is SPSS Statistics now supports Python 3.

A lot of SPSS Statistics server features are being made available on the client machines so that you can enjoy the fully loaded benefits of the server on a client. For example, with SPSS Statistics V24, you get multi-threading control on client machines. And not just that, some of the features like NAIVE BAYES and SELECT PREDICTORS (formerly server-only features) have been made available to SPSS Statistics Base.

In this release, many new datetime formats have been added. Also, you can display icons for your variables in the data editor. The entire variable view in SPSS Statistics V24 has been refreshed to a new look and feel.

Improved productivity

In this release, SPSS Statistics V24 has many enhancements to SPSS Custom Tables module with some groundbreaking features like:

Effective base for weighted sample results Scores of new confidence interval and standard error statistics A new ability to include significant test results in the main table The ability to display significance values for column means and column proportions tests. An additional false discovery correction method for multiple comparisons

Smarter data management

In SPSS Statistics V24, you get a redesigned experience while importing and exporting the most popular file types with more accurate calculation of a variable type. Here are some of the features:

Use redesigned Microsoft Excel and CSV importing and exporting. Determine the data format for a column based on a specified percentage of values with the same format. Ignore hidden Excel rows and columns. Remove leading and trailing spaces from string values. Specify a sheet name when writing Excel data files. Append a named sheet to an existing Excel workbook. Write variable labels instead of variable names to an Excel file. Read text data files with more flexibility. This includes automatic detection of data formats and better handling of date and time values. Export value labels to a database.

New features in IBM SPSS Modeler 18

IBM® SPSS® Modeler adds the following features in this release.

Modeler Client now available on Mac OS. SPSS Modeler Professional and Premium now support Mac OS.

Time Series node. A new Time Series node is available. The new node is similar to the Time Series node that was available in previous releases, but it runs with either embedded or remote IBM SPSS Analytic Server to process big data and display the resulting model in the output viewer. A new Streaming Time Series node that is based on the new Time Series node is also available.

Note: The previous Time Series, Streaming Time Series, and Time Intervals nodes have been deprecated in this release; however, their functionality is still supported in any existing streams.

Extensions Hub. A new Extensions Hub has been added (access from Extensions > Extensions Hub in IBM SPSS Modeler Client). The Extensions Hub is an interface for searching for, downloading, and installing extensions from the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics collection on GitHub. For details, see the IBM SPSS Modeler Extensions documentation.

Custom Dialog Builder. Many improvements have been made and enhancements have been added to Custom Dialog Builder. For more information, see the SPSS Modeler Extensions documentation.

Python Spark on Modeler Server. In version 17.1, support for Python Spark was added (only R was supported previously) when running against IBM SPSS Analytic Server. Now SPSS Modeler Server is also supported. For more information, see the SPSS Modeler Extensions documentation.

Predictive Enterprise View and scenario files. IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Enterprise View and scenario files (.scn) are no longer supported. Enterprise View source nodes cannot be modified in Deployment Manager. Old scenario files can be modified in IBM SPSS Modeler client and resaved as stream files. Also, scoring configurations that used a scenario file must be deleted and recreated based on a stream file.

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