Note! Which modules do I have?

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Hi, many times I have got the question “which modules do I have available ?“. Just a note: all modules are available technically in SPSS Statistics, but the license code is opening up the modules you have paid for.

How to check which modules you have:

1. Open a new syntax window (File – New – Syntax)

2. Type in following:

3. Mark the text:

4. Click on the green triangle from tool bar: 

5. Check the output window, where you have all your available modules listed:

In my example above, I have these SPSS Statistics modules: Regression, Advanced Statistics, Categories, Exact Tests, Missing Values, Conjoint and Custom Tables.

The first row you see (IBM SPSS Statistics) is not a module, it’s the core of the program that you allways have (like the graphs and data handling from the menues Data and Transform).

Have a great day! /Gunilla

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