SPSS Tips & Tricks #2 – export

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Hi, some days ago I got the question how to export results from SPSS in a effective way to Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or PDF format.

If you just want to export one or a few tables/graph, just copy and paste (but in newer Word you have to choose the format of the paste also).

If you want to export more from an output window I would recommend to do these steps:

A. Clean the output window by hiding or deleting output from the left panel

hiding a whole result: click on the “minus sign” if you want to hide a whole results

hiding a single object: doubleclick on the small icon

B. Go to the menu : File – Export and then choose following:

All visable

-Choose the Type=format of file (xls, doc..)

-Click on button: Browse to decide where to put your exported file and write a name for your file and click on Save-button

-Click OK

C. Open your exported file, in this example a Word-file.

Gunilla Rudander

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