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Hi, Gunilla Rudander here, answering user questions within SPSS Statistics.

Question: How could I create one single chart that shows 10 variables at the same time?

Answer: The type of chart will differ depending on what type of variabels you will put in. But say that it’s scale variables. Then you can show one bar per variable, in my case 6 bars as I just have 6 variables to show like this:

As you can see each bar represent the mean value for that variable, here it is 6 attitude questions how much people agree to different statements. So a high value (max 5) indicate a high agreement.

Here is an instruction how you do, to create this chart:

bar chart with many variables

1. In my example I have these 6 attitude questions I would like to show at the same time in a chart:
(Note that the small graph symbol you see at each title, indicates that the variables are ordinal scaled and that is something I will change in the graph command later on)

2. Choose the command: Graphs – Chart builder and then drag the type of chart to the canvas:

3. Then as I said before I have to change the measurement level to scale level (the ruler symbol), to be able to get mean values in the chart. Here is my instruction how to change this:

4. I then drag and drop all these marked variables to the Y-axis:

5. This is just an extra step, because in my example I don’t want all the labels from the variables in the title, so I take them away like this:

If you rather wants your own title,  just click “Custom” instead and write your own text in the empty box.

If you have an old version of SPSS Stastistics and can’t see this dialog box called “Element Properties” you have to activate it by clicking on the tab in the same window called “Element Properties”. 

That’s all from me today,

Greetings from Gunilla

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