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How could you predict a regression model?

You have probably heard about predictive analytics, very common in data mining. But this is also possible within SPSS Statistics and I will show you how.

In this example I would like to predict salaries. As salary is a continous variable (numeric) I want to use linear regression. And as I have 3 background variables (gender, office, age)  that I think can explain salary, I will use a multiple linear regression.

  1. In the end of this data file you can see that I don’t have any salaries for the 3 last individuals (see the red marking below). But as you see I have background information about the individuals I want to predict salary for (see the blue marking below).
  2. Let’s do a linear multiple regression: Analyze – Regression – Linear and click on the “Save”-button (see red line below):
  3. Then you choose the type of prediction you want. I want to have the real salary from the original salary-scale so I choose “Unstandardized”.
  4. And when you then click OK and have a look in the data file you can see that you have got a predicted salary for each individual (see the red marking below):

    The regression model is based on every individuals that has a salary.

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