SPSS Tips & Tricks #4 – OMS

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Saving results direct into data file

Do you sometimes need to save results from a result in Viewer to calculate later? The question I recently got from a SPSS Statistics user, was how you could save the equation (B-coefficients) from a Logistic Regression analysis.

  1. Choose command : Utilities – OMS Control Panel

Follow the instruction below (red numbers):

Click OK

  1. Start doing your analysis. Every time you do a logistic regression (in this example) this will automatically save the table information (Variables in the Equation – table) into the new dataset called “equation”.
  2. When you are ready, you must stop the OMS by doing this command:
    Utilities – OMS Control Panel

Click on the button “End all” (see below)

4. Open your data file. In this example I made 2 logistic regressions. The red marked area show us the equation with B coefficients like 2.749 for gender for example.

Thanks for watching and welcome back later this week!
/Gunilla Rudander






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