Note – fixpack for SPSS Statistics 25.0

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Maybe you haven’t had any problems or maybe you haven’t discovered any bugs yet. But if you want to be sure that SPSS Statistics will work fine for you, then it is a good idea to download and install the fixpack for version 25. That will finally upgrade your version 25.0 to version 25.001.


Information about what has been fixed: Everything that has been upgraded are explained in this link:

Info what is fixed in this fixpack 25.001

For example, I remember half a year ago there was a user who found a small bug in the syntax, that stopped short cuts coming to the end of the syntax file – now it’s fixed. Also things like PLS, correlation, ODBC, GLMM, Bootstrapping is mentioned in the link above – read more if you are interested.


Find the fixpack

If you are a CSCS-customer then you will find it in the portal, see picture:

Just click on the fixpack link for Windows or Macintosh (not visible in the picture above) and then click on “Download Now”-button (see below).


If you are not CSCS customer yet: 

If you are not a CSCS-customer, go to the IBM fix central page, to find the fixpack. You can download the file from there, and after downloading you can install as below:

Greetings Gunilla Rudander

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