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Hi, this time I have planned to show you how easy it is to put in the authorization code or authorization codes if you have more than one SPSS Statistics module. This authorization wizard will start automatically in the end of the installation, but you can also start the wizard separately.

-1. Start the application calledĀ  “IBM SPSS License authorization wizard” for SPSS Statistics version 25 (if that’s the version you have installed).

If you run Windows 10 you can search for the application by just write “auth” in the search field:

and then you will see this application:

When you click on it, it will start. (But, you must have admin rights for your computer to be able to run the application).

-2. You get the first window, click on “Next”-buttonĀ 

-3. Then you will see this window, just follow the instructions:

-4. Then you will see the main window, follow the instructions:

Note: If you have an extra module then you should click on the “Enter additional codes”- link Before you click the “Next”-button.

-5. Then if you have succeded the next window will have green text.

But if you get red text, you probably have some problem with the internet (fire walls maybe?) and in such case you need to contact your CSCS – Contact at Crayon to get help and you will also need to tell your lock code (see step 3 above) .

If you are not CSCS customer you have to Contact the IBM support, and they will also need the lock code to be able to help you.

Greetings Gunilla Rudander

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