Note – SPSS 50 years birthday this week

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Hi, I have been working at SPSS since 1993, and before that I worked in a research centre where we used SPSS Statistics as the statistical tool. So the history of SPSS was something I learned in 1993 from my manager; in the beginning SPSS was a tool developed for data preparation and they used other tools for doing statistics – but of course this has all changed. It was Norman Nie who developed SPSS. Then his software was bought, and when I visited the main office in Chicago I just randomly passed his room – that was a “wow-feeling”.

I heard that in the very beginning (long before the SPSS company was created) Norman Nie sold his manual but gave the program for free to researchers in social sciences! This big manual was a fantastic statistics book. I worked with a researcher who still had this manual and used it just for learning statistics!

Here you can read more about the history of SPSS that celebrates its 50th birthday on Friday the 28th of September.

SPSS: 50 Years of Innovation

Gunilla Rudander

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