Statistics – one sample chi-square test

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Hi, many times (specially during my Statistical trainings), user ask me why they could find 2 different commands for chi-Square test (or chi2-test). The reason is that there is one chi-Square test for a crosstable and one test for a frequency table.

So today I will show you the test for the frequency table.

The command is under Analyze- Nonparametric Tests

And then you choose your test variable (here job categories)

And after that you type in the relative frequencies that you will compare this frequency distribution with, often the populations distribution for in this case job categories.

So in this example above I know that job category 1 and 2 has 5% each in the population, the category 3 has 20% , the category 4 : 5% and category 5 (that I type in at the example above) has 10%. So we are going to compare our job category distribution with the populations same job category distribution, and test if they differ.

When ready with all categories, click “OK”.


As you can see our job category distribution differ significant, from what’s “normal” in the population, specially in the “Econom” category, where we have too few cases compare to the population (see the high residual of -77.3).

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla Rudander


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