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During all my years, there has been a lot of questions about which version of “Sentinel License manager” you should have for SPSS Statistics concurrent license (network license for simultanously number of users). Earlier there has been a lot of frustration for the person that install the license, specially to find the correct version, specially if the end users work with different versions of SPSS Statistics.

Now – the license manager version 9.1 finally goes with both older versions and version 25 of SPSS Statistics. Last week a customer installed it on their server and it worked fine with both version 25 and version 20. 

Here below is the beginning of a “Quick manual” that my colleague Helene has created for our Crayon customers, to make the life easier. And as you see there is a “direct link” to the license manager to download:

It’s easy to install it, after clicking on the link (you see in the Picture above) just go down on the page and download the “license manager” that should be on the server. You click on this place:

And after downloading you get this folder:

Where you find 2 folders, “manager” and “Tools”. The “license manager”- program is in the manager folder see below:

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