Note – open an Excel data file

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You can open other data files into SPSS Statistics and the most common, I Think, is an Excel data file.

Here below you see an Excel data file. I have marked a yellow Square around all columns that automatically will be read as STRING format into SPSS Statistics, that is the same as ALPHANUMERIC. Even if you have a lot of numbers in a variable lik “Personal_number” it will be a STRING-variable because of the dash in the middle (see orange Square).

Command is File – Open – Data

Choose the “files of type” as Excel – format:

Let this check box be chosen (as default):

This is how it then looks in SPSS Statistics.

The small symbol with an “a” you see in the top of some columns (variables)

indicate that they have automatically become alphanumeric (= string format). You can easily convert them to number codes if you want, by using Automatic recode (see blog post on Mon 22 Oct).

Thanks for watching!

Gunilla Rudander

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