SPSS Tips & Tricks #14 – display variable names

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Hi, this post is a very short one, but it will save a lot of frustrating situations.

As a default in SPSS Statistics, the variable labels are the one you see in the dialog box. Do you think that the labels sometimes are too long and hard to get an overview of? In the middle of a command, you sometimes temporary need to see all the exact variable names, the titles. This is so helpful to know:

Just do this:

And instead for the long variable labels you will now see the exact variable names, the titles of the columns in the data set. In my case this is the question number from a questionnaire:

Tip: If you always want to see the variable names instead of the labels, you can change this in the settings that you find in Edit- Oprions command.

Have a nice week!

Gunilla Rudander


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