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If you miss a statistical method or functions in the SPSS Statistics menus, you might find these in the extension hub. You could say that extension is the same as application (app), and they are free. After you have added an extension, it will be most often possible to choose from your menus.

Here is an example of an extension I chosed to download, a correlation with confidence interval:

First go to the command: Extensions – Extension hub.

Then search or scroll, here I searched for “correlation” and then chosed the one I wanted by clicking in the checkbox¬† at “Get extension“:

Then click the OK, button. Allow the agreement. And click on “Finish”.

Finally you get a message on the screen and in the output. In this case I got the information in which menu the function will be found: Analyze – Correlate – Bivariate (see below)

So let’s try the new command within SPSS Statistics.

And like other dialog boxes you choose your variable to study::

The result give us correlation with confidence interval as the example below:

Some of the extensions commands require R installed and some require Python Essentials. Python Essentials can be chosen already when you install SPSS Statistics, you get a question during the installation.

Thanks for watching!

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