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Which chart should you use to present a crosstable based of the 2 category variables (gender and job_category)?

I choosed column percent as gender is the independent (x) variable here and is placed in the column dimension:

Explanation : Independent variable (x) is the one that is explaining the target variable (y) so gender is explaining job_category.

Then I also want to have percentages that sum up to 100% for male resp female also in the chart.

Command: Graphs – Chart Builder

Then choose the clustered bar chart and drag and drop it to the White canvas:

And drag and drop the 2 category variables to the x-axis and “legend-place” (right upper corner).

Then to decide the statistical measurements you use the right part called “Properties” (and here you can take away title, or change some of the design)

Here is the result:



If you wonder about the design: I have taken away the top title using the “Properties”-box and then I applied a template I have saved with horizontal, thin bars.

If you compare the percentages in the chart with the crosstable, you can see that it’s the correct percentages that is presented in the chart. So you can in this way more easily compare male and female.

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla

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