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Hi, from 15 November IBM came out with fix pack 2 for IBM SPSS Statistics version 25.

Maybe you haven’t had any problems or maybe you haven’t discovered any bugs yet. But if you want to be sure that SPSS Statistics will work fine for you, then it is a good idea to download and install the fixpack for version 25. That will finally upgrade your version or to version 

OBS OBS – we have just discovered this:  if you are a Mac user and have just updated your Mac to 14.10.1 then you will have problem to add your license code into SPSS so you need to install fix pack 2.

I wrote about the fixpack 1 in August, but I have updated a documentation with information about both fixpack – what has been corrected. You find it in this Excel file that can be downloaded from this link: fix-pack-1-and-2-info

In fixpack 2 it’s very specific corrections but the most important that would effect some people is the rounding of decimals when it’s a value of 56.500, or the export to powerpoint when row labels are hidden.

If you are a CSCS customer you can download the fix pack from the portal, see picture below. When you install fix pack 2 also fix pack 1 will be included automatically (information from IBM: Each successive Fix Pack is comprehensive and contains the material from the earlier Fix Packs for that Release)



Here again is a link to an Excel file with information about all corrections in fixpack 1 and 2.


Example what you can find there are these 3 examples:

Ex1. When creating a TableLook from scratch and saving, the new look

cannot be used as the default. (No problem if you change one of the table look in the library and save as a new tablelook though).

Ex2. It was not possible to create a string variable that belongs of “?”  with a command like: COMPUTE test1=”?”.

Ex 3. Problem to work with long string variables in MIXED model, software hangs.

If you are not CSCS customer but IBM customer then you can find the fix pack on this page:

Greetings Gunilla Rudander

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