Tips & Tricks #19 – calculate time

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If you want to calculate time between 2 dates or time-variables then you can use the easy-to-use command : Transform – Date & Time Wizard.

Here is an example, it’s the same data as last Monday – after we merged the date and time together that created date1.

Have an extra look at individ nr 8, that has put in the dates wrong – the 2 date should have been switched with each other.

After the command: Transform – Date & Time Wizard you will come into the wizard I worked with last Monday – but now choose following choice:

Then click on “Next” and you get further in the wizard:

Next. Put in the dates (times) and choose unit. Here hours will be calculated:

Next. Then write the new name of the new variable and a label if you want:

Finish. And have a look in the data. New variable is “Hours”8,. :

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla

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