Tips & Tricks #21 – set chart size

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I got a question some weeks ago about how to set the chart size to a specific size in the output window/Viewer Window.

There is several ways, you can do it directly from the chart builder command if you click in the option tab and type in for example 75%, like this.

But if you already have created a lot of charts and want to change ALL of them in the Viewer, then you can use an extension for “Set chart size”.

Here is an example of the first chart and the original size:

And then I have done 5 extra charts with the same size, rather big as you see.

Then you can download the extension for “set chart size” so you get the command into your menus. Here you go for the download (just do this once):

Then search for the extension (setchartsize) that looks like this:

After download you will find the command in the “Utilities”-menu, and can choose that:

The following dialog box will appear and you can start fill in the size. Tips: try out first on only ONE chart and then you can tick the box for “ALL” charts, like in my example below:

I chosed the format 450 X 450 and the result for my 5 charts got this size of every chart, that you can compare to my first chart in this blog post:

Thanks for watching!


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