Tips & Tricks #22 – charts with RGB colors

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Hi, this blog post is about how to get a special color in the chart, following a special color code = RGB code.

Many companies have their own company colors that should be followed in marketing/reports and so on, so this could be important for these users who needs this. I have talked about this in webinar I had this autumn, when using charts in syntax.

So here is the current colors I have in my chart example:

And I have just got the color code for category 1, that should be a special purple color where the RGB-code is = 150, 100, 197.

Within the dialog box for the command  : Graphs РChart Builder

you click on these choices first:

Then click on : 

Then click here at RGB (if that’s the code you have):

And then fill in the 3 numbers for the RGB code (150, 100, 197):

Here is how it looks when you have filled in the 3 codes:

and then you will see the updated colors like this (for category 1):

If you have special RGB codes for the other categories colors, then you fill in these now.

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla

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