Note – choose table look as default

 In Note!

There are many user who don’t know the ability to choose a template for the table look, so I really want to blog about that.

I have seen people copy and paste tables to Word and then changed the colors and look there. You can save a lot of time by get the table look you want and then all tables will look like that when you run them. If you don’t find anyone you want, I will learn how to change them and save to your own template on next Monday.

But now: How do you get a table look as a default design?

Command within SPSS Statistics : Edit – OptionsĀ 

Then follow the instructions below, and finish with Apply and OK.

Here I chosed “Easter Egg” as an example.

So every time when I then create a table, it will have this look until I change the look to another.

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