Note – Don’t use fix pack 2 for Windows yet

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Hi, this is not for Macintosh user, only Windows user of SPSS Statistics 25.

Please wait and don’t install fix pack 2 for Windows yet. One user found a frustrating bug that appear in the Data editor. The result from the analysis is OK, this is just a visible bug in the data window. The developer team at IBM is working with the problem.

Here is an example of what will happen. This is how the data looks from the beginning:

after a while when working with commands and the go back to the data window and use this button for hiding the value labels:

And then click again on this button, this happens: (see below) only one value label is shown in the whole variable in the data window (but correct in all your analysis, so that’s good):

The analysis are correct, so it’s only the data window that shows only one label:

If you already installed fix pack 2 then you can either continue to work, because the result is still OK (I will probably continue to work with fix pack 2). Or if you look a lot in the data window, then you can reinstall SPSS Statistics (uninstall + install ).

If you choose to reinstall SPSS Statistics. You have to first uninstall the program.:

As CSCS customer you then just go into the portal and download the SPSS Statistics 25 again, and talk to your contact at Crayon so they can reactivate your license code.

As IBM customer you download the SPS Statistics 25 from passport advantage and then contact the IBM support to get help with reactivating the license code.

Greetings Gunilla Rudander

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