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This week I got a question about weighting, and I don’t have any experience about anlaysis with weighting for example when you want the sample to look as like the country as possible, Before you do the analysis. One way is to use weighting. You can do a simple one like I am going to show below, and you can also use an add on module called “SPSS Complex Samples” if you want to do a more complex weighting.

Here is the simple one, and this is the data with 1000 in the sample:

As you see female has a weight of 0.8 because they are too many in this sample, so to get a similar distribution as the country they have got a lower weight. Male that is too few have got a higher weight.

Next is to do the command: Data – Weight cases by:

And last is to run the command, in this example descriptive statistics of salary.

I show descriptives Before and after the weighting:

Are there anyone who has any expericence of weighting you are welcome to add more information and send to your Contact person for SPSS Statistics.

Gunilla Rudander

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