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You can save colors in the settings of the programs, but not the other layout like horisontal charts and maybe a specific title you want on every chart. So in that case you must use the “Template”-command for charts.

Here is an example when I change a simple bar chart to horisontal charts, and Purple color, and narrow bars.

First I do the simple bar chart and change the color in the “Chart Appearance”- tab to Purple.

Then I finish the command so I get the chart in the output window.

Double click the chart, and do the other changings you want to have, like narrow bars and horisontal positions. See Picture below:

And when you are ready you finish with the command “File – Save Chart Template”

In next step you have choose all characteristics you want to save in the templat. Note that I don’t want to have the axis- titles here.

Then save the file with a smart name:

Now we can do the other graphs and use this template. Note that it has to be the same type of chart, here a simple bar chart (not for example clustered bar chart). And you will find the Place to choose template in the “chart Appearance”-tab.

Then choose the template I just saved earlier from all the templates you have saved.


Then you will see the new chart in the output, with exactly the same color, and layout as your template.

As I said before it must be the same type of chart. If you have done a clustered bar chart you must use a template based on a clustered bar chart. Here is an example when I have used a turqouse and pink chart with very thin bars:

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