Note – put in license authorization code for add on module

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Hi, this is a common question so I think it’s good to have a blog post of that. Please let me know if you don’t understand my instruction.

If you have SPSS Statistics installed and want to add an extra module that you have bought, how should you do?

  1. First of all: You don’t have to reinstall the program! You should only add the authorization code (=license code).
  2. Find the authorization code (email if you are CSCS customer)
  3. Start the “License Authorization Wizard” (see Picture) from the computers start menu (left bottom corner):

4. Then click on “Next”, and then click in following box if you have an authorized license (not concurrent license):

5. Click “Next” and then do following:

5. Most effective is if you copy and paste the code from email you got.

If you have more than one add on module, then repeat 1 and 2 (see Picture below):

6. Click on “Next” and the following dialog box should include green text, then you have succesfully updated SPSS Statistics with the new module/modules.

If the text is red the code is wrong, or the fire wall is to strong in your organisation – then contact your CSCS-Contact or if you are an IBM-customer contact your IBM-contact. 

Greetings Gunilla Rudander


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