Note – Updated fixpack 2 for Windows available

 In Note!

Now the new updated fixpack 2 has been fixed from the small but annoying bug that one of the Swedish SPSS user found before Christmas.

As you might remember I recommended you to wait for downloading the new SPSS Statistics fix pack 2 for Windows. This was because of a bug within the data window. But now the support development team have informed me that the fixpack 2 has been updated and the bug is gone. So if you still hasn’t installed it, you can find the pack in the CSCS portal if you are customer to Crayon and on the site you will find the fix pack 2 for Windows.

Here is instruction what you should do, if you want fixpack 2: 



If you are customer to IBM, you can download it from the fix pack place:

I have tried to install the new fix pack, and it works fine for me.

The development consultant recommend that if you already installed fixpack 2 earlier, you should uninstall the fixpack2 before you install the new fixpack 2.

Greetings Gunilla Rudander

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