Statistics – Count specific values among many variables

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A rather new and not familiar command is the one that can Count in several columns for each individual.

In my example I will Count how many code 1 is found in the 5 attitude variables (att1-att5) – per individ.

The command is found in the “Transform”-menu :

Then fill in following:

And then click on “Define Values”-button.

Here you should define the value you want to count, I choose code “1”.

If you want to add more values to count on at the same time, just type in and add:

When ready: click “Continue” and finally “OK”.

A new variable will be created with the result, the number of value 1 for each person:

If you chosed to Count on 2 values, for example 1 and 2 then the extra variable should be like this:

Greetings from Gunilla Rudander


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