Note – download the client installations file for SPSS Statistics

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Hi, I just want to show you what to download if you want to install the client version of SPSS Statistics. Normally when you think about a client version you might thing of the “authorized user license”, that’s the same as each installation belong to a specific person.

But in this case it could also be the client installation within a network installation that we call “concurrent license“.

So to summarize this: there are 2 types of licenses: “Authorized user” and “Concurrent user”, ( you have normally just one of these two types). And for both licenses you download the same client installation file, that I will explain down.

Now to the question that came from a IT-department: Where do I find the installation file for the client?

The answer is here: As CSCS customer you login to the portal “” (IBM-customer look in the bottom of this page).

Then go here:

Then choose 32 or 64 bit (64 bit is more common)

Then click on download, and the installation file will be downloaded:

And the same answer is for the client installation within a concurrent network.

Then you install by running this installation file (“run as administrator”), I recommend you to put the installation file in a safe place if you need it again.

For IBM:er you download from your customer portal which is on this link:


The only thing that differs between authorized license and concurrent license is later when you should install and authorize the license

1. Client with an authorized license: put in a license code (authorization code)

2. Client in a concurrent licence: put in the server address


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