Error opening a data file

 In Note!

An user had problem to open a data file that had been created in another program Before (survey program) . When he chosed to open the data file into SPSS Statistics (25) this error message came up:

“Text value unmappable in the current server locale”

I also tried to open the same data file and it was not possible, same error message.

Then suddenly I remember a common 1990-s problem with file name, and checked the file name of this and yes it had the letter “ö” within the file name : “Lördag.sav” . So I just renamed the SAV-file to “Lordag.sav” and suddenly it worked to open it!

Strange thing is that my other SAV-files I have with Swedish letter as å, ä and ö is OK to open, so it must be because of the other program (survey program) that created this SAV-file to the user.



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