Note – put in authorization code after installation in a Wizard or “LAW”

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Hi, I have got two different questions that will end up in the same solution

1) I had to close down the computer after downloading program, so I haven’t put in any code yet for the authorization… can I do the authorization afterwards? Answer: Yes, either start the application “License Authorization Wizard” or “LAW.EXE”

2) I don’t find the authorization wizard application, where I should type in the code I got. Answer: Find the file LAW.EXE instead


So both answers (1 and 2) you can see information about below:

1) Here is a screen dump of the application “License authorization wizard”

2) If you cannot find this application you start the file  “LAW.EXE” that is found in this library:
C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\25

See Picture below:

It doesn’t matter if you run the application through 1) or 2), it will start up exactly the same authorization application. So you continue with following:

Click “Next”

Click Next, and the next page would have a green text that tells you that the authorization succeeded. If the text is red with error message you can contact us directly, and we will support you. You should write down the lock code that you find in the beginning of the authorization by click on the “<Back-button” until you see Picture nr 2 counting from here and up.

Many times this error comes if you have bad connection to internet or if you have strong fire walls. So instead we give you a super long license code that you can use instead.

(If you are not a Crayon customer but an IBM customer you can contact the support there and tell them you have a license problem. )

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