Note – when you don’t find the installed software

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During some of my support calls with SPSS-customers, it happens that the user cannot find the software SPSS Statistics 25 directly after the installation. Let me tell you how it looks like and what you can do to start the program.

If you search among your programs you should find this (marked in the top), if it looks like this everything is OK:

But if you don’t find the software, it might look like this picture below.  In this example you just find other programs with SPSS name included, here below you only see the “license authorization wizard” (where you put in the code or codes) and the stand alone “AMOS-program”:

What you then do, is to start the program from the installation folder. You find it here if you go to your explorer:

Then you find the file called “stats” among the long list of files:

When you double click the “stats” file the program will start, and next time you will probably find it when you search.

Greetings and good luck, from Gunilla!

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