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I talked to a SPSS user that was really frustrated, because she searched for method to her study and had googled around and found so much statistical information on the web and movies with SPSS Statistics on youtube … but the problem was to find the structure? Nowhere to find…

*where should I start?

*what error should I avoid?

*is t-test or non parametric test best to use?

*how should I understand the result?

*there is 2 methods I could use, but which is the best?

I can personally help you with questions that takes not more than 15 minutes, but in this case I recommended her to join the very popular class training we can offer through our partners. You have 4 blocks to choose between, and the first 2 blocks : “SPSS 1” and “SPSS2” are available in English (and the other 2 blocks will be translated to English in the meantime).

Click on “Training” below to read more:


If you are interested of  web training or consultancy instead, we can arrange that also.

No matter which training you are interested of just contact me on or take contact with me “Gunilla Rudander” on “Linked in” and we can discuss together which training is the best for you. Alternatively, talk to your Contact person for SPSS.

Gunilla Rudander

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