Tips – all SPSS Statistics modules

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Hi, here is a very short overview of all IBM SPSS Statistics modules :

Colors you see in the picture above is green for preparation, red for basics, blue for multiple methods and pink for special module.

Data preparation – find errors or outliers and correct them

Missing Values – see if there are serious internal missing values from your questionnaire and ability to replace the missings

Complex Samples – planning and statistics tool to get stable statistics measures in complex samples.

Base – most common types of statistics like descriptive, tests and relationships

Exact Tests –  univariate test for very small or skewed samples,

Regression – nonlinear regression models

Advanced Statistics – advanced mean values comparisons between groups or repeatings (ANOVA, GENLIN, GLM) and survival analysis

Decision Trees – find the most important characteristics that explain your differences in one click,  instead of doing 100s of crosstables

Forecasting – study trends at time based observations and predict the future like for example sales numbers next week.

Categories – advanced study of categorical variables (ex the popular correspondence analysis)

Bootstrapping – getting stable result when using simpler or more advanced models in small samples.

Conjoint – typically for marketing research to find out the characteristics people want on products.

AMOS – structural equation models like a mix of multiple linear regression and factor analysis where you study soft and hard data at the same time.

Neural Networks– advanced multiple data mining model

Direct marketing – for marketing departments where no statistics knowledge is needed, to find the most valuable customers and who are going to answer the campaigns.

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