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Hi, here are some instructions if you want to open a data base source via ODBC. ODBC=Open Data Base Connectivity: a standard for data sources with the goal to be able to connect files easily between different softwares.  Here is the SPSS command you use to open a data base table through ODBC. (File – open database) The list of sources are the default, but you can add more to the list. As you see here, I have got a warning in the bottom, that the driver doesn’t exist:

So….First you have to install ODBC driver to get the right connection between SPSS and the data base.

First download the driver installation files, and if you are Crayon customer you find it here:


Then you download by clicking here:

Then when the installation file is downloaded to your computer like this:

You open up the zipped file (extract it) and will see 3 folders:

In the example I choose Windows and see following installations files:

Run one of the installation files (exe-file) by right click and “run as administrator” .

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