Note – Lock code or Locking code?

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What is the difference between “lock code” and “locking code”?

Lock code is the computers code on a client in a desktop version of SPSS Statistics (authorized user).

Locking code is the servers code on a network license of SPSS Statistics (concurrent license).

You need this lock code or locking code if you have authorizatons (code) problem and need support.  It’s when your computer or server have problem to get through internet, when you are going to authorize a software by using an authorization code. Typical will this happen if you have a strong fire wall in the company.

If you have a desktop version of SPSS you find the lock code from the authorization wizard (or LAW.EXE).

If you have a server where you want to authorize the “Sentinel License manager” program you find the Locking code (NOT lock code) from the dos prompter by running the program echoid from the same folder where “Sentinel”-tool is installed.

It’s confusing that “locking code” and “lock code” has almost the same name, but it’s important to give the right code to support when having problem with the “Authorization code”.

Greetings Gunilla

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