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Hi, many times I have wondered about why the statistics button is inactive (greyed out) in the Custom Tables dialog box. Now when I started to prepare a Custom Tables training I got the answer in the theory book: it depends on which variable you put into the table first!

Here is an example of what I mean, I have put in the variable “Job category” first into the row dimension and then “Gender” in the column dimension.

When I mark the “Gender” variable in the table, you see that the “Summary Statistics” – button will be inactive (greyed out). So I cannot choose that, because I put in the variable “Job category” first when I created this table. So then you have to click on “Job category” instead as below:

Then it works to choose the statistics you want into the table. (Actually it doesn’t matter, because you will get exactly the same statistics whatever variable you put in first).

Greetings Gunilla

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