Tips – Show both name and label in output

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Sometimes you want to show both the variable name (title) AND the variable label in your results. Here is an example when I really want to show both: Factor Analysis. Here is an example of the factors (=Groupings of variables that relate to each other).

Specially if it’s from a questionnaire with questions number like in this example.

So you can change the output settings by go to the command: Edit – Options – Output

And in the left part of the dialogbox you can decide which label and name to choose, because sometimes you might want to show the values and the labels like 1 Disagree   2 Somewhat disagree   and so on. Here I just want the variable name and the variable label to be shown in the result, so I choose following:

And when I do the anlaysis again it will look like this, and I can now also wee the question number like v242, v251 and so on:

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