Tips – Syntax with define variable group

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I got a question from someone that repeated a lot of commands with a large number of variables (he had about 50!), and he asked me if there was a way to define this as a group, and the answer is “Yes”.

You use the DEFINE and ENDDEFINE! commands in syntax. Here is my example where I create a group of variables that I name “myvariables”:

Then you can call this group called “myvariables” like in this simple frequency command:

And as I have 4 variables (gender, jobcat, minority and educ) in this Group, I will get 4 frequency tables:

If you then continue with a lot of other analysis where you want to use the same variables like in this crosstables command:

If you want to read more about this and other syntax like looping you have a help link here:

Help about DEFINE and LOOP

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