Tips – Use pivot for cleaner tables

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Hi, sometimes the tables get to big in the output window to get a good overview. Then it’s good to pivot the table into layers. Pivoting is the same as changing place on items in a table.

Here is an example of a big correlation matrix that I would like to pivot into layer, I don’t need all statistics at the same time – just the correlations value:

Start with double click the table. Do you see the pivoting tool? (The purple and white colored dialogbox you see in the Picture below).

If you don’t see the pivoting tool you can just right click somewhere in the table and choose “Pivoting Trays” (you can also find it in the menu “Pivot”) :

Then you start to pivot (move around the items) in your table, and here I show how to move the statistics to the layer dimension. In the table you have 3 dimensions, column, row and layer.

Then you will see this view of the table. The table has decreased but you have all statistics hidden in the layers.

Click somewhere outside the table. This is the final table:

Greetings Gunilla

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