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Hi, I learn something new everyday about SPSS Statistics and the latest was in the beginning of the week when I joined the statistics training at Statistikakademin. By the way I recommend their training, read more under the tab “Training” on this web page or go to this link:¬†

Have you been frustrated that some of the results are hidden in a small output like for nonparametric tests? It’s called “Model Viewer” and the goal is to keep the result small, and if you want to see more you have to double click the table.

And when you double click you will get this view:

And if you want to change the view and look at other results like the pairwise comparisons, you have to click on the menus at the red lines, I have marked on the screen.

If you want to have an output that shows everything from the beginning, then you can change this in the options. Menu: Edit – Options. Choose the tab “Output” and then change to “Pivot tables and charts” instead:

Result will look like this instead:

You can see in the mini navigator the differences in the 2 types of output:

The upper one is for using options “Model Viewer” and the one below is the one we are mostly used to “Pivot tables and charts” where you see every detail.

Sometimes when you do a lot of tests I think the upper one (Model Viewer) might be better, to be more effective when finding significant results.

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