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There is now a new Fixpack for IBM SPSS Statistics Version 26 available for download.


This new Fixpack helps to resolve 27 APARs identified, offers a solution for 90 defects addresses and a variety of enhancements for macOS and Windows.

We recommend you its installation for several reasons:


For the Users with SPSS on Windows Operating System, they will see an improvement in the start up of the application.

– They will no longer experience issues between SPSS and Excel like: copying and pasting data or pivot tables, exporting Pivot tables, as well as, pasting charts (Boxplot) as Microsoft Office Drawing Objects in Excel

– Unattended installation, known as silent installation, on Windows 10 has been fixed

– Importing Data from Access having Office 2016

– Now R Essentials will not hangs on Windows 10


For the Users with SPSS on Mac Operating System, it has been addressed the security features on MacOs Catalina related to accessing files and certain system directories.

– No more crashed of SPSS related with the “waking up” from sleep mode

– The correction of the use the proper lock code that allows you to get license key

– It is solved the inactivation of “Save” tool button when trying to save an Output file after editing it.

For a detailed list of the APAR resolved please take a look at the following Excel file:

Version 26 – Fixpack 1 -Information

IBM has also taken the opportunity to deploy some minor enhancements: to the ROC Analysis, to the Custom Dialog Builder, the process for importing Cognos BI data into SPSS and the way how Chart Editor handles the legend handling during chart transposition.


To download the FixPack 1 please login into our Portal and reach for the fixpack as described below:


If you are not a CSCS Customer but IBM Customer then you can download the fix pack from the following link:



Lidia Villar

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