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CSCS Webinar: SPSS Statistics Refresher

Join our expert, Gunilla, in repeating, in a rather fast tempo, some of the most important tips from our previous webinars:

  1. Step by step guide on how to work in the program for beginners
  2. Smart effective commands that you need to use every day
  3. Change of output
  4. Introduction to syntax – a smarter way to reuse commands

CSCS Webinar: Expert Webinar- Smart Commands

Become an expert in SPSS Statistics by using smart commands:

  1. Saving result values into data files via OMS
  2. Bringing a value from a position from an unstructured string
  3. Saving data files while only keeping some variables
  4. Correlating and marking values above a specific number, style-button

Previous CSCS Webinars

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Data files from the Webinar

Employee Data .xlsx
Employee Data .sav

Continue the Journey with SPSS Statistics

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Introduction on Advanced Usage of SPSS Statistics- Part 2

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